Benefits of hiking to our health.

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By Ezrah Onyiego.

What Is Hiking?
Hiking is a recreational activity in which you walk in nature. As opposed to commuting by foot, hiking is all about walking for pleasure and also for exercise.
Benefits of Hiking
What does hiking do for your body? Becoming a hiker can contribute to your health in a number of ways, including by toning your legs and back and reducing stress. Here’s more about the many benefits of hiking (when done safely of course!):

Builds Strength in Your Lower Body and Back
Hiking is a form of low-impact aerobic exercise that can help build stronger muscles and bones, especially in your legs and back. If you do lots of walking, stepping and climbing uphill, it’s even better for increasing strength and muscle mass, and when you walk on uneven surfaces, you engage your core and improve stability.

This form of exercise is also effective at helping improve your balance and range of motion, since tougher climbs can force you to stand periodically on one leg, lunge forward and so on.

Boosts Stamina and Heart Health.
Regular physical exercise reduces the risk of dying of coronary heart disease and decreases the risk for a number of other chronic health conditions too.

For example, exercising regularly, such as by hiking, lowers blood pressure and may help prevent some people from developing colon cancer, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Supports Brain Health and Cognitive Function
Not only can hiking boost your mood, but it’s also associated with other mental health improvements, such as greater creativity, memory recall and problem solving.

A number of studies have found that exercising outdoors can lead to more mindfulness, greater self-awareness and enhanced sensory perception (of sights, smells and feelings).
Researchers have uncovered that hiking uses parts of your brain designed to help you navigate through your environment, including the retrosplenial cortex and the hippocampus, which help aid in memory.

There can also be a beneficial social component to hiking if you choose to get others involved, such as by hiking with a partner or joining a group that regularly hikes together. This can foster a greater sense of connection and decrease loneliness, which are tied to better mental health.

ConclusionWhether you’re an experienced hiker or new to this type of exercise, you can benefit both physically and mentally from hiking. Not only does it help improve aerobic fitness and endurance, but it’s also a natural stress reliever.


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The other day, Raphael Tuju was a very bad man, an enemy of the people. Where is he today? The other day, James Orengo and Anyang’ Nyongo were said to be rebels simply because they said what other people could only say in low tones, the are where they are today.

The other day, Uhuru Kenyatta was a bad man, today he is why he is. Teams pitched camps, one swearing in the President of the Republic and another swearing in the People’s President. Today, it is one team. The other day in 2007, William Ruto was the darling of the lake, today things have terribly changed. He was felt on the mountain just recently, again, things are terribly tilting.

Come closer home, seing two people together is a mere indication of a meeting and not meeting of the mind. I want to ask who knew in 2017 that Uhuru would today rave alot in Central Kenya? According to last year, who knew that Ruto would today be complaining about the Central Kenya, who knew. Who knew that Mwaura would leave ODM, and who even knew he would be sent out of Jubilee?

Only fools put politics to the heart and roar when any move is made. Politics is generally a game of moves, you make a step when necessity calls. As once said, politics is a game of interest at any particular instance and today can be terribly a different thing from yesterday and tomorrow may hold just another thing all together.

Democracy and voting exercise.


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The hallmark of democracy is to have the right to choose the future you deserve. Voting is one exercise that gives adult individuals in this country to make a decision and to put a a country on a trajectory of progress and prosperity.

It is for this Honourable course that I have been sensitising comrades across the nation to come out and register as a voter.

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BY: EZRAH ONYIEGO. 27th October 2021.

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Depression among college students.

Depression is a state of intense sadness or despair that is troublesome to an individual’s social functioning and the basic activities of daily living. Depression is currently a critical issue among college students. Depression can make college students to be socially withdrawn and this can result to them taking drugs and engaging in all sorts of dangerous activities like smoking.

College students get depressed from so many things like the pressure of getting good grades in college, and financial problems. First of all, depression can put a strain in college students lives to get good grades in, which can lead them to be stressed out. For example, people with depression can result to start doing drugs and behave erratically if no solution is provided. I have a cousin who was raised by strict parents, and they wanted him to become a doctor by every means. His parents told him if he didn’t pursue medicine as a career they were going to disown him. Due to this ultimatum he was given he had to make sure he got good grades in school, in order to gain admission into medical school. As years passed by, he slipped slowly into depression because of the workload in school and also due to what his parents said to him. He eventually started drinking heavily, and then dropped out of college.

We should help them recover from depression, so that can be better individuals in the society. The institutions should work hard to see that they equip students on how to handle college life and the problems that come with it. Also, helping student that are depressed can make them not result to having to take drugs in order to deal with their depression.

Political agitation

Poor planning and mobilisation by the electoral agency as well as budgetary constraints have been linked to low turnout in the ongoing mass voter registration.

The feeling by the youth that their vote may not count in the next year’s General Election has also been blamed on the apathy in the exercise that has entered its final week.The question is should we conclude that the Mass voter registration exercise is successful or has it not hit the required expectations of Kenyans?